Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Our business is building your business

You’ve got your head down. You’re working hard to build your business. How do you find the space and time to think about the future?

It starts with the numbers. And grows into something bigger. AR & B Advisors have been delivering sound business management advice and outstanding service to small and medium businesses in Perth for over 30 years. From chartered accounting to cloud-based financial platforms, strategic advisory and business building, we’re with you on your journey of growth. Whatever your business goals, our business advisory services can help you build something bigger.

We’re not just solving your problems today, we’re looking to tomorrow.

Your partner on the journey

Your business needs more than just a trusted business advisor, it needs a partner. A partner who understands your strengths, your weaknesses, your goals, your ambitions, and who is ready to accompany you on your journey. It’s what we do best. 

More than just a business advisory service, AR & B Advisors offers your business a trusted personal relationship with a view to the future. We avoid the jargon and talk in plain language, working hand in hand to help guide you toward your goals.

How we work

We start by getting to know you and your business. What is working right now, and what is not? What are the barriers that you can overcome immediately, and what are the longer-term problems and opportunities?

Only then, once we understand your business better, can we make sure the foundations are solid and begin to plan for the future. We’ll look for opportunities for growth and put a system in place to bring you closer to your goals every day. We call it our Business Building System, starting with a solid financial foundation you can build on.

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Step 1 – Business Fundamentals Assessment

Getting to know you

Our business advisory services are more than just business advice. We’ll start by getting to know you and every part of your business. Warts and all. Starting with the numbers, we look at everything from your accounting system to your organisational structure, from inventory management to the quality of your financial data. We can review your strategic business plan or formulate a new one via our strategic business planning workshop, and we can review your current taxation structure.

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Step 2 – Strategic Business Planning

Looking to the future

The next step is to establish a strategic plan for growth, once we understand the fundamentals. Together, we complete a full risk analysis, an assessment of the areas of your business that drive sustainable value, and a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Through this process we can help you to identify ways to minimise risk and maximise growth for your business. Then we work with your team to create a plan to bring you closer to your goals every day. 

You may be thinking ‘but I’ve already done this kind of planning for my business’, and if you have, that’s great. In the case you already have a solid business plan in place, we would simply conduct a light-touch version of this as part of our fundamentals assessment, to ensure we’ve got all the information and direction we need before proceeding to our Business Fundamentals Service. 

You can read more about our Strategic Business Planning services here

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Step 3 – Business Fundamentals Service

Solving problems and building a solid foundation

To achieve growth, you first need to strengthen the foundations. Having looked at the fundamentals, it’s time to implement solutions to any problems uncovered by our assessment. To put words into action. To make the numbers work for you.

  • Paying too much tax due to your structure? We can fix that.
  • Need to upgrade your inefficient accounting system to the cloud? We’ll help.
  • Need to properly set up KPIs and reporting? We’re there.
  • Need to optimise your approach to measuring revenue? Let’s do it.

More than just a box-ticking exercise, or technology for the sake of it, getting the fundamentals right helps to establish a solid foundation for growth. It’s a stable platform to build your dreams on.

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Step 4 – Ongoing Business Advisory

Keeping on top of business

Once you’ve built a strong foundation for your business, it’s time to grow and evolve. If you’ve come this far, you don’t want to sit and wait for the future to come to you.

Once our Business Fundamentals Service has helped you get on top of any one-off problems, our ongoing Business Advisory Bundles can help you to implement the recommendations from the business plan. It’s time to start tracking progress, monitoring cash flow, and monitoring and reporting on key performance indicators. We’ll help you to arm yourself with the right info to keep your business moving forward, so you’re not flying blind.

This is where our Virtual CFO Bundle could help you make informed decisions and gain insight into your business growth. It’s ongoing business management advice with an eye to the future.

Or your goals may be better aligned to our Next Level Growth Bundle to tap into the best strategic business advice AR & B Advisors has to offer. Think of us as an extension of your business, dedicated to helping you just meet your goals. Find out more here about how AR & B Advisors can help your business grow toward the future.

We can help with all your business advisory needs

We provide a range of business advisory services as part of our process, including:

  • Business Improvement Plans
  • Accounting system integration and automation
  • Cloud migration
  • Xero training
  • Management reporting
  • Virtual CFO 
  • Strategic growth advice
  • Tax Planning/ tax advice
  • On-call advisory
  • Value gap report/analysis
  • Succession planning
  • Business purchase and sale 
  • Setting up a new business
  • Business valuations
  • Reviewing your trading structure
  • Restructure and asset protection
  • Budget forecasts 
  • Cashflow management and planning
  • KPIs and management reporting
  • Finance structuring
  • Small business CGT concessions
Free Business Risk Scorecard

Free Business Risk Scorecard

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