Next Level Growth Bundle

Next Level Growth Bundle

It’s time to take your business to the next level.

You know your business better than anyone. You’ve grown your business with hard work and a singular focus. But now you’re wondering what’s next. Where to from here?

Every business has different goals. Perhaps you want to get bigger. Expand your reach. Fine tune your performance. Maybe you’re thinking about selling. Or you’d just like to spend less time buried in work and more with your family.

Whatever your goals, you need reliable, independent advice. You need to tap into broad knowledge, and talk directly to someone with board-level experience to confidently guide you on your journey.

You may be one of the many small and medium-sized business that don’t have access to a large board of directors who you can regularly call upon to source a wide range of business expertise for strategic planning and growth. Or perhaps you do have a sizeable board but still need that next level of financial acumen to help you reach your goals. Either way, our Next Level Growth Bundle gives you a trusted advisor to call upon whenever you need.

Next Level Growth Bundle

AR Advisor Next Level Growth Bundle

AR & B Advisors can offer your business the next level of strategic business advice to gain a valuable and affordable external perspective.

Our Next Level Growth Bundle provides you with ongoing, board-of-advice level service from a dedicated advisor on-call. This fixed-fee package includes regularly scheduled meetings to help you work towards your goals, even ambitious ones, by way of measurable steps and an achievable plan.

It’s the next step up from our Virtual CFO Bundle, a service to help you make informed decisions and gain insight into your business growth. If your vision for the future goes beyond the numbers, you can call on us for strategic planning and implementation.

In addition to the tax compliance, tax advice and business management advisory services provided in the Virtual CFO Bundle, we’ll help you formulate a strategic plan and implement it, with practical steps towards your goals. And your Business Advisor will assist you to set up a system where you can prioritise actions, track progress and manage accountability towards your goal through a digital application.

A valuable addition

The Next Level Growth Bundle can be a valuable addition to improve the performance of your existing resources.

All businesses have limited resources. Your time is valuable, your money is finite, and your people are important. Reaching your goals does not mean taking unnecessary financial risks if you are able to put your existing resources to good use.

  • If you already have a board of directors, our financial expertise and broad business knowledge could be a useful addition to the range of information you already have at your disposal.
  • If you have huge ambition to expand and grow, we can offer advice and implementation that will make it possible, one step at a time.
  • If you’re looking to sell the business, we can help you prepare a plan to take you towards that goal, helping you to minimise any business value gap and maximise your valuation.
  • If you’d like to free up cashflow or improve your efficiency so you can step away from more of the day-to-day running of the business, we can put a plan in place and help you achieve it.
  • If you’re thinking about succession planning, so your business lives on for years to come, we can devise a strategy to create a path forward.

What does it cost?

Our quarterly Next Level Growth Bundle (pictured above) starts from $2,400 per month ex. GST. This includes quarterly reporting and advice. If you are particularly ambitious or want to achieve your goals quickly, you would likely benefit from monthly reporting and advice. Our monthly Next Level Growth Bundle starts from $3,500 per month ex. GST. To find out more about this option or other ways we can tailor the Next Level Growth Bundle to suit the needs of your business, please get in touch.

There’s always room for improvement

If you are happy with the performance of your business, there are always areas of improvement for greater efficiencies (whether it’s more streamlined operations, lower fixed costs, increased revenue or another goal). We can help you achieve the kind of business performance that will take you to the next level.

Services you can add to your Next Level Growth Bundle to further enhance your business growth include:

Free Business Valuation Scorecard

Free Business Valuation Scorecard

Complete our 2-minute business valuation survey to get an industry benchmark value, and see if you have a business value gap.

Start Growing Today

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