Virtual CFO Bundle

Virtual CFO Bundle

Your new CFO is ready to start work

A Chief Financial Officer is a luxury many small and medium-sized businesses would love to have.

Imagine having a dedicated person who understands the numbers and knows what they mean. If only you had someone to make sure your tax obligations are always met, keep an eye on your budget and cash flow, and be there for you when you want to chat about the big picture.

To make this a reality, AR & B Advisors offer a virtual CFO Bundle service for Perth businesses. We act as an extension of your business, providing an ongoing tax and businesses management advisory service, working hand-in-hand with any existing bookkeeping and accounting staff you may have. It’s a proven outsourced CFO services package that works well for many of our clients. And it’s priced at a fixed fee, so there are no surprises in your budget.

In large organisations, a CFO plays an important role in establishing, monitoring and reporting on key performance indicators for the business. By outsourcing the CFO role to AR & B Advisors, you can make sure you’re armed with the right information; the right numbers, and what they mean, so you can understand what’s going on in your business and why. No more important decisions based in incomplete information, or gut feel. It’s time for us to help you get to know the numbers. In detail.

If your business could benefit from everything an experienced CFO could offer, our outsourced CFO services could be the next best thing. 

Virtual CFO Bundle

AR Advisor Virtual CFO Services Bundle

Our Virtual CFO Bundle is a fixed-fee package offering yearly planning and ongoing advisory.

Just like having a CFO down the hall, our Virtual CFO Bundle offers business management advice, including on-call advisory which allows you to pick up the phone whenever you need throughout the year. All for a fixed fee so you don’t have to worry about being ‘on the clock’.

We’ll set up a cash flow budget for the year ahead. Then our management reports and meetings throughout the year will show you what is going on with your business, and how you are performing against your budget. Your dedicated virtual CFO Bundle Advisor will help you understand ‘why’ this is happening. This can help you to make more informed decisions to help drive business growth.

We can help you understand how you are performing against your KPIs, what you should keep doing, what you should change, and other initiatives to help you reach your business goals. We also provide you with a rolling forecast update, looking at profit and loss, cash flow and your balance sheet to predict what the next three months will look like.

All actions that come out of our regular management meetings can be tracked using a dedicated digital application to ensure accountability of implementation.

Our virtual CFO Bundle service also includes tax advice and planning, which can streamline your end of year compliance process. You will know exactly what to expect come tax time, with no surprises. Outsourcing tax compliance allows you to focus on the parts of the business that need your skills and attention most.

With a trusted partner by your side, the future of your business looks more promising with every day. Whether your goals are business or personal, we can help you plan for the future.

What does it cost?

Our comprehensive Virtual CFO Bundle (pictured above) starts from $1,750 per month ex. GST. This includes quarterly management reporting and meetings, and a rolling forecast update. We also offer a basic Virtual CFO Bundle for businesses that only require six-monthly management reporting and meetings, with no rolling forecast update. Please contact us to find out more about this option or other ways we can tailor the Virtual CFO Bundle to suit the needs of your business.

Before your Virtual CFO gets to work

If you haven’t already chatted with us about our Business Building System get in touch. Before we sign you up to our ongoing advisory services, we make sure we get to know your business and get the fundamentals right. 

We start with a Business Fundamentals Assessment, a fact-finding mission where we get to know you and your business in detail. We look for what is working right now, and what isn’t. 

Then we engage in Strategic Business Planning, including a full assessment of the drivers of risk and value for your business. It’s a thorough process that allows us to help you to identify ways to minimise risk and maximise growth. 

Once there is a plan in place, we can address any roadblocks to growth with our Business Fundamentals Service. We’ll recommend methods to create a stable foundation for your business, or small tweaks to optimise an already well-run operation. This could include setting up KPIs for your business, or revisiting your business structure, for example.

And once things are running smoothly, it’s time to look to the year ahead with ongoing support and advice with our outsourced CFO service.

Services you can add to your Virtual CFO Bundle to further enhance your business growth include:

Take your business to the next level

If you are one of Perth’s more ambitious businesses, your goals may be better aligned to our Next Level Growth Bundle.

Upgrade to the Next Level Growth Bundle to tap into the best strategic business advice AR & B Advisors has to offer. The package offers a higher level of ongoing support and strategic business advisory. This means hands-on help and regular meetings with ongoing advice. You can pick up the phone to a trusted business advisor who is dedicated to your goals and can help turn your vision into practical steps. All for a fixed yearly fee.

Think of us as an extension of your business, dedicated to helping you not just meet your goals, but take your business to the next level.

Free Business Risk Scorecard

Free Business Risk Scorecard

Whatever stage you’re at, here’s a simple first step. Take our 2-minute survey and get a free personalised risk scorecard for your business.

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