Business Planning

Business Planning

We can help you plan for growth

A business plan is something you may have put together when you first started. Whether it worked exactly as planned, or it was thrown out on day one, chances are it’s sitting forgotten in a drawer.

Strategic business planning is something much bigger and more dynamic. It’s a process of planning and assessing plus measuring and monitoring to keep you growing and evolving. 

If you have business goals you are working towards, AR & B Advisors Strategic Business Planning can set your future in motion. Based right here in Perth, our team of expert business advisors are dedicated to helping small and medium businesses reach their growth objectives.

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Don’t wait for the future, plan for it

When you sit down with AR & B Advisors, we recommend getting started with our Business Fundamentals Assessment. It’s a fact-finding mission for us to get to know you. What is working right now, and what is not? We look for short-term efficiencies, examining everything from your accounting system to your organisational structure, from inventory management to the quality of your financial data, and we can review your current taxation structure.

Once we have looked at the fundamentals, we can begin to plan for the future and develop a strategy.

Strategic business planning

Our strategic business planning process includes a comprehensive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis to complement our risk and value driver assessment. It’s a thorough process that allows us to help you to identify ways to minimise risk and maximise growth.

Together, we complete a full risk analysis. Why? Relying on gut instinct alone may not be the best approach. Whether it’s risk to you and your staff, or your relationships with your customers, opportunity risk, or external uncertainty via structural risk or technological disruption, we’ll look into it.

Our assessment is not simply about risk. Part of the process is a formal assessment of the areas that increase the value and the marketability of your business. It measures systems, processes, and resources that create sustainable value. Our thorough approach and the resultant business improvement plan gives you strategic insight into how you can grow and evolve your business while understanding the risks involved, helping to define a clear path forward.

Mind the gap

Valuation is an important tool to measure performance, to track your business growth and inform strategic planning. Your business value gap is the difference between what you think your business should be worth, or what you would like to sell it for, versus what an assessment or valuation says it’s worth right now.

Understanding this gap has several useful functions. It can help establish a firm financial goal to work towards, it can tell you if your hard work is paying off and can quickly draw attention to areas of your business that can be optimised or made more efficient. 

A business value-gap analysis often forms part of the strategic business planning process and becomes one of the key strategic drivers for the business.

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Working together to plan for your future

The advice of a trusted partner like AR & B Advisors can set your business apart. Our rigorous processes can systematically reduce your business risks, improve your cash flow and profit, and grow the value of your business. 

If you have your own accounting team, we can work closely with them. Together, we can help expand the pool of knowledge and expertise you can tap into every day. We not only share in your hopes and dreams, we work with you to put a plan into action and bring you closer to your goals every day. This is where our ongoing business advisory services could help.

Fixed-Fee Business Advisory Bundles

At AR & B Advisors we offer Fixed-Fee Business Advisory Bundles as a way for you to choose the amount of support that is right for your business. This gives your business an opportunity to grow, and to manage costs, all at the same time.

Our Virtual CFO Bundle comes with all the knowledge and expertise you need to manage the financial side of your business, allowing you to not just maintain your business, but grow with the insights you’d get from an experienced CFO. We act as someone who knows your business intimately and understands your language.

When you’re ready to level up, upgrade to our Next Level Growth Bundle for ongoing strategic business advisory support to plan, prioritise and allocate resources to reach your goals. We’re not ‘on the clock’, we’re there for your business when you need it, helping you plan and grow for the future. It’s all part of the package.

We provide a range of business advisory services related to strategic business planning:

Free Business Risk Scorecard

Free Business Risk Scorecard

Here’s how to put a plan into action today. Take our 2-minute survey and get a free personalised risk scorecard for your business. 

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Our expert accountants and advisors go beyond the numbers to provide the advice you need to reach your personal and business goals.

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