Management Reporting

Management Reporting

The big picture has never looked clearer

As the saying goes, sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees. Often, you can't get enough distance from your day-to-day business to see the bigger picture. 

AR & B Advisors management reporting offers an independent, objective pair of eyes to examine the numbers in detail and present the data to you in a way that is meaningful.
We use sophisticated reporting tools to bring the data to life in way that makes it easy to interpret and develop action plans for improvement and growth.

With the option for monthly, quarterly or six-monthly management reports, we provide graphical representations of the key parts of your business, giving you a clear understanding of how efficiently your business is running and how well your assets are working for you.

It’s the information you need to plan proactively, measure, evaluate and control your business.


An experienced, trusted reporting partner

AR & B Advisors bring experience, a trained eye and a thorough analytical approach to our management reporting and business advice services. Our management reports provide a high-level view of your financial position, helping you to get a clear view and make informed business decisions on things like cash flow, profit, working capital and margin.  

Our systems and expertise allow us to offer extra insights into crucial aspects of your business. We can look at margins, billing, productivity, and other areas to ascertain where your business can operate more efficiently. We deploy sophisticated software which allows us to interrogate your financial data in new and insightful ways to gain additional intelligence on your operations. 

Our management reports include powerful visualisations, which display a wide range of data in graphical form, bringing the numbers to life and making it simple for you to understand the big picture and how it is changing through the year.

Be one step ahead, and stay ahead

All too often, business owners are so caught up in the business of running their business that they don’t take the time to step back and look at their financial position until tax time. By then, you may have lost the opportunity to anticipate and get ahead of any problems that may arise. 

When you have a real-time view of your business, you can proactively correct inefficiencies and play to your strengths.
With AR & B Advisors management reporting, you’ll be one step ahead from day one. Our thorough, informed approach will not only make end-of-year reporting and compliance easier, it will also reduce the likelihood of unpleasant financial surprises.

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A thorough reporting process

Our first step with your business is a fact-finding mission, with our Business Fundamentals Assessment. That means getting to know your business in depth. Then we engage in Strategic Business Planning, including a full assessment of the drivers of risk and value for your business. Once there is a plan in place, we can address any roadblocks to growth with our Business Fundamentals Service. A part of this service is to set up KPIs that will be incorporated into our management reporting and to ensure you have a means for measuring success against those KPIs.  

We also take a close look at the quality of your financial data, and the systems you have in place, to make sure that any reporting is relying on accurate information. Alternatively, you can outsource your bookkeeping to us, to ensure the greatest level of accuracy with your data and save you time. 

Once any roadblocks are removed and the KPIs in place, it’s time to look to the year ahead with our ongoing advisory services, including management reporting. We offer a range of Business Advisory services to help inform your management decisions and help you keep your focus where it’s needed. Book a free initial chat with one of our Advisors to explore how we can offer the best value for your business through one of our fixed-fee Business Advisory Bundles. 

Fixed-Fee Business Advisory Bundles

When you're ready to take control of the big picture, AR & B Advisors offer Fixed-Fee Business Advisory Bundles – an ongoing, cost-effective way to keep things running smoothly and help you reach your goals. You’ll have access to regular advice and business intelligence, on the phone and in person, that taps into AR & B Advisors' decades of combined insight and experience. 

Every year we will work with you to set up your annual cash flow budget, and produce regular management reports. We also provide you with a rolling forecast update, looking at profit and loss, cash flow and your balance sheet to predict what the next three months will look like.

Our Virtual CFO Bundle comes with all the knowledge and expertise you need to manage the financial side of your business, allowing you to not just maintain your business, but grow with the insights you’d get from an experienced CFO. We act as someone who knows your business intimately and understands your language.

When you’re ready to level up, upgrade to our Next Level Growth Bundle for ongoing strategic business advisory support to plan, prioritise and allocate resources to reach your goals. We’re not ‘on the clock’, we’re there for your business when you need it, helping you plan and grow for the future.

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